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and he fell asleep in his brand new winter coat

I think that other people, they just accept that they're in.
They accept that this other person likes them and they don't have to
keep proving themselves, whereas for me it's entirely temporal. I'm
constantly judging the whole thing moment by moment and it could
always fall apart. For me, it never ends. - Ira Glass

i've given up on being jealous of people. or feeling left out. it's exhausting. but it can also be exhausting trying to appear/trying sincerely to not be jealous. it's goes against so many strong tendincies inside of me. i'm tired and i miss people. i miss them so much that i don't ever want to know anyone again. i don't like missing people. i don't like missing people that i don't want to miss, that i don't feel like i have the right to miss anymore.
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