carissa (carkass) wrote,

let's not try to figure out everything at once

i've been wondering lately why i haven't been writing. and today i was reading my friends blog and i thought about commenting on it and realized that i feel as though i have no words that would truly convey exactly the amount of love and appreciation i want to express. but then that is probably exactly what would be needed to say it.

i finally finished harry potter. i re-read the first four and then read the last three for the first time. number six is my favorite. i cried and cried at the end. i cried even more in six than in seven. number five is my least favorite. just because i think, as my friend ryan said, it's about 300 pages too long. don't get me wrong, i love a good long book, but she totally could've cut it down a lot. i'm reading the fountainhead right now. i'm enjoying it way more than i expected. though, after reading harry potter, where the print is substantially bigger and the vocabulary not quite as broad, i feel as though i've been reading without really putting a dent in it at all. at least i'll be able to be with these characters longer.

also, i must tell you, i am excited because i finally got my first ipod.
well, ipod nano. it's yellow. i got it with christmas gift certificates.

on that note though, i found it was a struggle to actually decide to get it because i've been trying to not spend and trying to really think about what i actually need and all that. i think these gift cert's came at the right time then, because i would never have bought one for myself out of my own pocket. i would never have been able to justify it. but i know i will use it all the time and get so much enjoyment out of it.
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