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teen idols.. wha..?

i have become a night owl. (not to be confused with the superhero.)
i worked a mid shift at work today. i haven't worked during the day
during the week in a long long time. i close all the time. it kind of
sucks when my friends want to do something on a friday night or whatever
but otherwise i don't really care. now i almost never get to sleep before
1 o'clock am.

jen and i watched 17 again last night. i watched it again today. i will
probably watch it again tomorrow before returning it to the video store.
i really love it. and, zac efron. yup, i am a 14-year-old girl. and no, i
have not seen any of the high school musicals, but i did see hairspray,
solely because he was in it. a disclaimer, that i will.. claim, is that,
if he was a terrible actor, the infatuation would soon wear off. but he's
not. which makes him more attractive. and hott. now that you know of my
desire to rob the cradle, as it were, i think i will go to bed.

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